Last Updated 13 Jul 2023 

Yes it has been awhile since I have checked for valid links on all the pages. I have been very busy rolling out Win 10 machines for the last 8 months. Now I am getting around to doing that huge task.

I will keep all updated on this page as to the status of same. After I have validated all links I will look for newer content especially Wn10.


- The Geekster

How To - Updated bad links. Work in progress. 4 March 2023

Hardware - Fixed all links. 28 Feb. 2023

Virus - Updated 6 Feb. 2023

Microsoft Security Bulletins- Fixed Microsoft Security Center which is now Microsoft Security Response Center Blogs - 24 Jan. 2023

Newbies - page now working. - 31 Oct. 2022

Geek Tools - Updated 6 Feb 2023

Deleted "Internet Explorer" section as it is no longer relevant.

Browsers - Created this new section which is a work in progress.

Storage - All links now valid.

Networking - Updated 31 Oct. 2022

Video Cards - Updated 13 July 2023



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